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すみだ水族館 ミズクラゲ (by GenJapan1986)
(by Kati H.)
orangespotted filefish (by atomicshark)
すみだ水族館 ミズクラゲ (by GenJapan1986)
Moon Jelly (by jtmr)
Let’s just be friends? (by Ian Todd Photography)
The Living Seas (by JazzieRomano.)
DSC04068 (by Christine Gerhardt)
Aquarium (by mila-sera)
Jellyfish (by adalberto.neto.752)
Sanderia malayensis (by jtmr)
Blue Surgeonfish. (by Limbo210366)
New England Aquarium (by Samicorn)
Encounter at Farpoint (by aida_dasilva)
(via Kompaßqualle - Northern Sea Nettle | Flickr - Photo Sharing!)